Two Baskets of Figs

I'm traveling in a high speed train. I enter one carriage from another. The interior is old/vintage and there in, standing, is the President of the United States. He is speaking in Tongues looking beside himself. I approach him as a close acquaintance would.

I say, "Hey when did you start speaking in Tongues?" His reply, "I'm not sure. I just started doing it."

There are other people in the carriage but they seem not to notice either one of us. He keeps speaking in Tongues looking around and seeming to look for an answer to something. I notice he was very concerned for the people on the train.

I prophesy to him the next 4 terms of the Presidency thru 2036.

They belong to the purpose and plans of God and he should plan the continuance of his Presidency in such a way that anything he starts will be completed as the next two Presidents will finish and close it out. That he is to prepare the ground for the next President because God's plans will not be stopped and his Successor will prepare the continuance of the work for the Third. All three Presidents will be Praying and God seeking Presidents and he need not worry about the next term, not even the next 4! Every plan the President has foreseen will be done.

DECIPHER: Every plan the President foresees - these are good and bad plans. If he warns, then he has foreseen the future. Listen! The cry of a righteous man avails much! READ James 5:16-20

The Two Decades

Trump 2016

Trump 2020
Pence 2024
Pence 2028
Third Conservative President 2032 - 1 term
20 years Total


2021 (May Update)
The above is what I saw in 2016. I still firmly know that Trump is the legitimate leader of these United States. I do not question the prophecy nor the terms of DJT. I do however question Pence's two terms. I came across this revelation from Veronika West recently and I am placing it here for consideration.

Prophetic word on Trump’s VP Mike Prence – Veronika West

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Tim Shey
May 28, 2021 6:26 pm

I have also had a dream where I saw President Trump praying in tongues: Dreams from the LORD 2011-2021 16 March 2021 Today, as I was laying on my bed, I was listening to the Book of Revelation on my audio Bible. I fell asleep and had a dream. In the dream, I was in this large room. There were many people in this room. There was this man reading the Scriptures (it was the Book of Revelation). Then President Trump showed up and stood next to me. We spoke to each other about something.  Then President Trump began to pray in tongues. Then someone that I knew… Read more »