Two Baskets of Figs

A busy interwoven freeway system.

Individuals/Families/Churches on the Freeways are continually moving, going nowhere. There is a strong need, a tangible pressure, to make transitions to other freeways in order to get to the destination: The?Highway. The voice of the navigation rings with directions?

?In so many miles stay right and merge onto such and such freeway.?
?Stay on this freeway/route for so many miles.?
?In so many miles merge left onto the next freeway.?
?Stay in the left lane for so many miles.?
?Merge onto this freeway, stay right.?

The distance between freeway transitions were 10 or less miles before each freeway change.

I heard God’s finger snapping above the freeways: “Decide, go. Decide, go. Decide, go.”

The navigation sang out, “Take the next exit and merge onto the HOLY HIGHWAY.”

On the HOLY HIGHWAY there is a Kingdom in the distance. A visible City that appeared as Glass and Light.

The navigation once again directed, “Stay on the Holy Highway for….” The navigation was cut off from finishing.

A voice is heard repeating over and over? ?3rd Day, 3rd Day, 3rd Day? and ?Beginning, Middle, End, Beginning, Middle, End, Beginning, Middle, End?.

A traditional green highway?distance sign is passed on the side of the road. The sign had three digits on it. These numbers were blurred out, not revealed.?

The voice is still echoing, ?3rd Day, 3rd Day, 3rd Day? and ?Beginning, Middle, End, Beginning, Middle, End, Beginning, Middle, End?.

In the rear view mirrors, many many cars still on the Freeway system shrinking as the distance increases.

DECIPHER: Each Freeway is a subject, a category, a level, if you will. We are there to pick up, re-learn, fill-in the blanks in particular areas that we have not passed the test in. It?s not much, it?s not a lot of time. It is places that need to be filled in, like open gaps and open cracks. On each freeway we are repairing, refilling, refining, relinquishing, refounding, reinforcing and RENEWING. We are also letting go of the past – FORGIVENESS IS HUGE HERE. THE FREEWAY SYSTEM REPRESENTS KINGDOM PRINCIPLES. If you learn how to operate a key, you go to the next level.

The mileage, or distance between transitions, is short because…

  1. Individual Decisiveness (No more wavering)
  2. He?s redeeming time

The vehicles still on the freeway system in the review mirror – They are stuck in certain areas of their life and cannot access the next transition/merge/exit.

3 digit mileage – It is not mileage. It is a time.?A count down. Also why the navigation cut off before the mileage was verbalized.

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