Two Baskets of Figs

Illustration and Instructions Concerning Leaders

An interesting illustration and instructions concerning leaders. Specifically, the President and those holding spiritual offices (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher).

The President is on a golf course golfing. Gophers are popping up through holes in the ground and running back down through underground tunnels and popping up again. The gophers were outfitted with headgear and black scopes.

A tree line surrounds one end of the golf course. There was an unseen presence: the enemy in black military uniforms and yet camouflaged in the tops of the trees. This enemy was also outfitted with head gear and scopes. A red target was on the President.

Suddenly the White House replaced the golf course. The President was drawing open large curtains and standing at a window. A red target was on him coming through the window.

The golf course came into full view once again. The President falls to his knees holding his chest on the golf course wearing a white polo shirt.

These two words sounded out separately:


The enemy is inside, outside, underneath and above.

DECIPHER: This is not a physical attack but primarily spiritual, emotional and mental attacks that knocked the President out. However, the enemy wants to take him out altogether. Assassination is not ruled out.

I was pointed to Nehemiah.

Look to Nehemiah and learn how the enemy operates against those building (leaders) My Kingdom in the earth.

Enemy’s Plan Of Attack (based on Book of Nehemiah):

  1. Persistent Attacks before Victory
  2. Slander & Gossip (Personal)
  3. Lies & Falsities (Against the Kingdom)
  4. Intimidation & Fear
  5. Relentless Attacks after Victory. (No matter how big or small your victory, expect an immediate attack after)
  6. Infiltration & Compromise (Infiltration generally come before victory and Compromise creeps in after Victory. This is a ticking time bomb)

This is for all those in leadership. There are no more breaks, no more time-outs, no more catching your breath. The enemy is marching. The sound of their feet has reached my ears. Rise Up! Gird yourselves!


Zechariah 3:1-10 TRUMP Direct Message
Satan himself is opposing...

I found this after the vision and it was quite right on. In fact, it is basically the battle plan for all Leaders! Print this, read it over and PRAY.

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