Two Baskets of Figs


What season is it? What season are you in?
What time is it? What time are you in?

There is a time for certain things and a season for certain things. Just like Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring, they occur in "their season". Like the sun rises and falls the same every day and night, it was specifically timed for its movement. Ones life has times and seasons. Nations have times and seasons. Think of our United States... it's season of beginning, it's infancy. Society has seasons. Everything has a season and a time for change.

Look at the history of the world and you can note all of the major events that happened. Why are all these historical events marked, or specifically picked out for us in our history books??? CONVERGENCE!

At these points in history SO MUCH CHANGE was happening and the IMPACT of these changes caught the attention of our history books. In this context, converge is multiple ideals/forces moving in on one point from all different directions. Weather has this. It's called a Convergence Zone.

The first four questions are answered. We are in season and time of Convergence: the Convergence Zone. The last few years have been tumultuous across all spectrum's of life.

We have political upheaval. Not just the current climate in our own country but everywhere. Governments are toppling, Leaders are, in many places, being replaced or overrun violently by their own people. In the last 5 years there have been over a dozen attempted takeovers of Government or Leadership in some capacity in the world. Ukraine, Estonia and Lebanese governments utterly collapsed. Greece and Venezuela are teeter tottering... we could argue Iceland and Germany as well.

There's economic upheaval, social upheaval, geographic upheaval, religious upheaval... All happening at once.

This quaking of all of these categories only happens once in a while. We are converging on a major shift. Everything that can be shaken will be. And it is! Your ideals, your morals, your ethics, your beliefs.... it's all being shaken.

What foundation are you standing on? ARE YOU EVEN ON A FOUNDATION???

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