Two Baskets of Figs

Prophecy 10/3/18

This is a portion of a Prophecy given on Wednesday the 3rd of October 2018. The rest I must seek God about releasing publicly.

Arizona, you have a high calling which has not been fulfilled yet. I have made you an engine, a train engine. I will sandwich My Glory in this State between your borders. Between each engine? Arizona drive this train, pull and push this train. I have purposed this State to carry weight. I have purposed this State to carry responsibility. The people of the desert are survivors. They are survivors! The people of the desert can handle the heat! Drive the train of innovation. Drive the train of invention. Drive the train of economics. Drive the train of business. Drive the train of Glory! I have set Ducey in place to open these doors?
(We prayed for a boldness from Ducey to declare his faith from the Governor?s seat.)

There is a group of people in this State that are crying out for holiness. They are scattered but it?s more than you think. Though they are scattered in this State, their cry is unified. I hear their cry! So expect more water! A stream where there was no stream. A creek where there was no creek. A river where there was no river.

Arizona, a state of change! Arizona, a state of repentance! Arizona, a state of holiness! Arizona, a state of glory!

The Prophets were frustrated with this State. Forefathers and Foremothers have planted in this state without seeing the plant bloom. They planted their feet here, their words and visions here and did not see or entertain the produce. They died only seeing the vision. They did not understand the way of the desert. The desert plant can go many months without water. I designed it this way. The desert plant places a higher value on water. A little goes a long way. It utilizes the water efficiently. The time to bloom Arizona is nearly upon you. I will pour water on this State. And it will seem like more than you can handle but the desert is trusted to manage and utilize this water properly. You are a trusted State. Just as the desert plant is responsible with water so you will be responsible with my Spirit. Prepare to receive.

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