Two Baskets of Figs

As the title states this is about a very specific person. I don’t know Clayton Jennings personally, nor never met him or been near his person and quite frankly, though I follow Clayton Jennings on social media, his postings are delegated to the “back of the room” and so rarely do I see them. (Not for any particular reason other than I follow a healthy amount of people.) HOWEVER, Facebook was all knowing one day and provided a rather disturbing image of him from his own page that was quite unsettling and shocking.

I was not aware of his background or his story. The shock and awe of this particular image was very curious to me. He has since taken it down, which is good. He went live on facebook, which I watched after the fact. Very interesting… not the content but… him. He was interesting.

As I was watching him and hearing him this is what was spoken from Heaven:


A shooting star.

A meteor on a path of self destruction.

An awe-some sight to see. Except when you realize that this “star” is a person imploding and exploding simultaneously.

Clayton Jennings a triad of misery. Mismanaging, mishandling and misappropriating… BUT…

Grace says he will crash land as a meteorite instead of total annihilation taking out just the right targets.

Grace exchanges the mismanagement for perfect obedience, the mishandling for perfect behavior and the misappropriating for mature competence.

Watch this meteorite. The humbled are stronger and more fierce. He’s gonna have a big impact! His impact has been planned for the right time. The “Religious Leaders” will be shaken by him.


See Numbers 12:3
Clayton Jennings is today’s Moses.


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