Two Baskets of Figs

Oval office and the Presidential Desk. File Folders? many file folders stacked on the President’s desk. File folders with names. Names of individuals and names of groups. A specific folder was highlighted with the name PELOSI on it.

Everything that you have exposed, and are attempting to expose of My King will be exposed about you. This President is Mine. Pelosi! There is much to be said about you. But not all will be revealed. I will use you! I will use you like a puppet on strings. Schumer! You are a joke in heaven. Right yourself!

Democrats! You have formed an unholy alliance. I will bring you low. Republicans! Watch out, some in this party are not for this man in office. And where is My third party??? They are like you (prayer warriors). In the background working, hidden in the current of diligence and prayer.

A great shaking is coming. This shaking of the earth and specifically this nation is a sign of a crumbling of false giants, a decapitation of the lies. Truth will resound in this Country ? Loud and Clear!

Watch out a season of exposure is upon you. I hear the sound of shrieks. Jezebel shrieks!


Jesus standing on the Golan Heights from a high point near the Sea of Galilee pointing west with his left hand. Drawing attention to the Port City of Haifa. An evil plot in a peaceful city. An evil scheme has stirred. Men meeting in a circle, seated on the floor with little cups.


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