Two Baskets of Figs

I hear the sound of little voices in the distance. I spy a far off, lights in the distance. As I grow closer I see a mass of children… thousands upon thousands. As my vision pulls back I can see they are trapped on a black island…. Out of reach. But I can hear their voices crying for help.

“Can you not see us? Can you not hear us?” I hear them calling out for mother’s and father’s in several languages. Fear and dread, panic and anguish carry in their voices.

I look around me. What can I do!? I see that I am in a little row boat. How can I help all of these children with just one little row boat? Suddenly I spy another row boat, and another and then my eyes are opened to see thousands of row boats surrounding the island. “We can hear you!” this crowd of people in the rowboats shout.

I then see an influx of children coming into the USA. They are coming into homes in America and into the arms of families ready and willing to receive them. I see other countries receiving a great many children into family homes.
I see a Glory and breaking forth of things I cannot describe… Mind boggling.
These young ones have perception, wisdom, talent and foresight that far surpasses what we have ever seen.
The world has been in a dark and narrow tunnel and it is about to breakthrough and see a wondrous and awe inspiring landscape that the mind has only dreamed of.
This is a reference to the millions of children that go missing and are trafficked each year. Are there children trapped on islands? Probably, somewhere some are. In this instance, the island is symbolic of isolation and covertness. We don’t see what is really going on. We (the general public) don’t see where these children are. We don’t know who is responsible for trafficking the innocent.
There will be an exposure and these children around the world will need families, parents and communities to take them in. Many of them are very alone and will not be reunited with their birth families.
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