Two Baskets of Figs


A Seer is an authoritative messenger bringing the sights from Heaven into a communicative form. A Prophet is an authoritative messenger bringing the sound from Heaven into a communicative form. In other words, they are both the mouthpiece of God carrying the weight of Heaven to a person or place.

If a Seer or Prophet knocks on your door be prepared to receive DIRECTION, CORRECTION & WARNING. They point you in the direction you are appointed to go and they correct the direction. Think of a large ship. There is ONE destination point and several ways to start. BUT once you start you must keep your heading. If you get away from the heading you must CORRECT the heading. This may be a small degree adjustment or a major change (especially if you have gotten off course).

A rebuke from a Seer or Prophet is highly prized! YES THAT IS WHAT I SAID! If you receive a rebuke from a Seer or Prophet, THEN RECEIVE IT – THANKFULLY!

Revelations 3:19 AMP

19?Those whom I?[dearly and tenderly]?love, I rebuke and discipline[showing them their faults and instructing them];?so be enthusiastic and repent?[change your inner self?your old way of thinking, your sinful behavior?seek God?s will].

They are not out to get you. They are OBEYING. God is clearly in love with you if He delivers a Seer or Prophet to speak to you. If a Seer or Prophet corrects you, accept God’s love. God is pointing you in the direction you should go or not go, in order to fulfill your purpose.

TRUTH WARNING! If you get candy coated prophecies then you are standing in front of a DISOBEDIENT or FALSE Seer/Prophet.?

TRUTH WARNING! If you go from one Prophet to the next and one Seer to the next you are NOT living in the present. You are NOT living on the word. If you never saw, or heard from, a Seer/Prophet you are still made capable of accomplishing your purpose based on the Living Word alone.

James 1:22 AMP

22?But prove yourselves doers of the word [actively and continually obeying God?s precepts], and not merely listeners [who hear the word but fail to internalize its meaning], deluding yourselves [by unsound reasoning contrary to the truth].

John 8:31-32 AMP

31?So Jesus was saying to the Jews who had believed Him,??If you abide in My word?[continually obeying My teachings and living in accordance with them, then]?you are truly My disciples.32?And you will know the truth?[regarding salvation],?and the truth will set you free?[from the penalty of sin].??

Conclusion: Be a doer of the word and get over yourself. Go in the direction you have been pointed in. The course and destination are far better than being stuck in a rut of your own muck. Keep growing, keep maturing and KEEP MOVING. The Seer and Prophet were obedient to God. You have that same responsibility now.