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The Chastened

The Chastened Are Chosen!

Chasten does not mean punish. Chasten is the word YASAR in hebrew. It means correct, instruct and discipline. That doesn’t mean you will enjoy it. It might be a hard correction. It may be a difficult course adjustment. Receive the correction and you will treasure it.

Revelation 3:19 AMPC

19?Those whom I [dearly and tenderly] love, I tell their faults and convict?and?convince?and?reprove and chasten [I discipline and instruct them]. So be enthusiastic?and?in earnest?and?burning with zeal and repent [changing your mind and attitude].

A matured Believer readily accepts correction. They know they need it to ensure they run their race to the finish line. What are they running against? In this race Paul speaks of in Acts 20, what is the competition? Not who! WHAT is the competition???

We are running against TIME.

Will TIME run out before you finish your race? Will TIME run out before you finish out your earthly purpose? Will Hell say of you on your deathbed, “You stubborn fool! I trumped you. I used TIME against you. You did not accomplish the assignment heaven gave you. You cared only about your self and your pride and your feelings and your enlightened mind.”


Deuteronomy 8:5 KJ21

5?Thou shalt also consider in thine heart that as a man chasteneth his son, so the?Lord?thy God chasteneth thee.

In referencing the above in Deuteronomy, I want to deter anyone from thinking that God finds any joy in correcting us. If you have children, you prefer not to have to step in and correct. However, because we know they need to grow and mature we must correct. We buffer and reprove them.

ARabbi Levi Yitzachak of Berditchev explains that what is being expressed in this verse is not that God chastens man as a man chastens his son, but that what a father feels when chastening his son is what God feels when chastening his people.? The generally understood feeling that a father has when he must chasten his child is, ?This is gonna hurt me more than you.? Of course this is not true in every case and that why the Masoretic text put in the?keri?notation.?? The general belief is that a father hates to chasten his child, he does not want to chasten his child, but he will do it, he will do what he wishes to the world he does not have to do, but because he loves his child and knows that if he does not correct his child the child may continue doing something that will cause a greater harm.

Correction brings repentance. When you receive correction you repent. We are not talking about a confession session. Repentance is an explicit act of changing direction permanently; an a-bout-face. Recognize the course correction and adjust immediately. Recognize the correction – a mindset, a wrong heart, an evil tongue, a sin; iniquity, a habit, a thought, a deed or action, an intent…. RECEIVE CORRECTION AND CHANGE!

BThe word ?repent? is literally?to perceive afterwards. This implies changes after previously thinking about something. This is the basis of moral and spiritual choice of values. Repentance is a?complete change of view?and way of life as a result of looking at what Jesus values.

If there’s anything repetitive at all in this blog it is RECEIVE CORRECTION, BE CHASTISED and BE CHANGED! This is a process throughout your life. You will continually be chastened in order to move from Faith to Faith, Glory to Glory, from one marker in the race to the next marker.


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